Who Gets The Lion’s Share?

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February 21, 2018
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Who Gets The Lion’s Share?

Seneca wrote a letter about Alexander The Great once.  In the letter, he mentioned that as Alexander was conquering the world, certain countries would offer up to him pieces of their land in hopes that he might leave them alone and not try to conquer all of their land.  He would tell them instead though that he hadn’t traveled all across Asia to accept whatever they would give him, but instead they were going to have to accept whatever chose to leave them.  Quite a guy…

We should treat our health and fitness in the same way.  Health and fitness shouldn’t have to accept what time or energy is left over from our other occupations but instead we should graciously make time for nutrition, exercise, and good rest.  If real self-improvement is what we’re after, or weight loss, gained strength, or even better performances in the gym or ball field why do we leave our training of these practices to what little time we have remaining in the day or during the week?  Why do we block off 8-10 hours in the middle of the day to the office or to meetings, but do not block off time to eat right, workout, and get to bed on time?  The average person can somehow fit in 28 hours of TV/internet time a week – but ask them if they had time to prep some healthy meals, or get their sweat on, and they will probably tell you they’re just too busy.

If you really want change in your life, then you’ll make time for what’s important.  We’re only busy for the things we really want.

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