The question I get asked the most.

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November 2, 2019
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December 6, 2019

The question I get asked the most.

As a gym owner and fitness professional I get asked all the time what it takes to get in good shape, be healthy, lean out, gain strength, etc etc, fill in the one that applies to you. Because all in all we just want to look great, feel great, and be able to do a pull-up, am I right?!

Before I answer that question though, let me pontificate as to why these people don’t know the answer already! There is just too much (bad) information out there. I see videos on Youtube all the time that say things like “Eat this super food daily to get fit!”, or “5 Exercises to get the best abs”, even “Try this every day and get super ripped!”. I can promise you these are all hoaxes. None of those will get you in shape, or “ripped”! But, they’re always seem super sexy and they catch our eyes all the time. There are also news reports about changes in health and fitness. Or we get wind about what food or exercise got <insert your favorite celebrity here> into the best shape of their life. Again, all these are click-bait – they’re designed to get your attention. They will not get you fit. Stop looking for the secret antidote to what you already probably know is the answer your health/fitness problems. Stop wasting your time.

Habit. Getting up every day and making sure to do the things that will make you healthy is the answer. You already know what they are not: drinking alcohol, staying up late, sitting down for long periods of time, eating lots of fried foods and sugary foods – will not work! My prescription for a healthy lifestyle will not change you overnight, but if you can focus in on it every day and make it your life’s work (and it should be your life’s work because it’s your LIFE!) you will see results in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and a year! Eventually it will happen, I promise. Be patient and trust the process. It’s no mystery that my most successful clients are the ones that come most frequently.

Do you want something to do every day? Still need more specifics? Ok here you go then: exercise daily, eat whole foods, not too much, and mostly vegetables, get lots of sleep, keep your stress low, and if you can do that pretty regularly for a year you will be a totally different person a year from now. And, no I know that’s not easy – if it were every one would look like a greek god or goddess already. Consider how long it took you and your body to gain those 5, 20, 50 extra pounds of fat you want to lose. It was probably developed over a lifetime. And, it will not come off in a 6 week challenge, or even a 90 day one. But hopefully those challenges will develop steady habits, and consistency. We’ve got those challenges and they start here.

So, again, the “holy grail” answer to that question in the title is: Habit. Consistency.

Come be consistent with us. We can help you.

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