Playing The Long Game

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February 11, 2018
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February 21, 2018

Playing The Long Game

The lessons of the tortoise and the hare are well known and timeless. They can apply to so many things in life.

But let’s talk fitness specific for a moment.

The workout you’re faced with is a 30 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) – Long time domain for us to program.

We’re just about to start…nerves are high as usual. 3…2…1…GO!

Even though we know going out at 100% is a bad idea, it still happens from time to time. 5-10 min in we pay for it, and then we watch others creep up and pass us.

What level of intensity could have been maintained? 70 or maybe 80%?

Whatever the actual number, it’s usually best to take the first few minutes to figure out our pacing, allow the cardio-respiratory system to catch up to the demands we are placing on it, then we settle in to a pace and get to work.

As coaches, we recommend a similar approach to fitness as whole.

When someone comes in after 5 years of inactivity and starts with 5-6 days per week of CrossFit, I personally see a recipe for burnout.  Sometimes I’m wrong, but often times it’s such a drastic change that any bump in the road (sickness, job change, injury) can derail the whole thing.

Instead, let’s think about the long game.

If you work out 6x per week, every single week of the year, for 2 years and then fizzle out that’s 624 workout days. Maybe you got a new job and the work hours just didn’t allow this any more. Maybe you’ve got young kids now. Maybe this, maybe that.

6 year later- you get super motivated and do the same thing.

Now we’re up to 1248 workouts.

Now, suppose you work out just 3x per week, every week, for that same 10 year stretch. 3x per week is pretty manageable for anyone, no matter what their schedule.

This adds up to 1560 workouts.

The 25% increase from one to the other is significant- but FAR from the most important part of this story.

Consistency over 10 years leads to big time fitness, likely the body you want, a more healthy mental state, and not necessarily even a big time commitment.

The ups and down’s of all-in vs. “f*** this where’s the ice cream” carries a whole lot of baggage.

Emotional ups and downs. Constantly fighting for the body you want, which can lead to unhealthy eating habits, and negative thoughts about self-worth.
The list goes on…

You deserve better than that.
Let’s play the long game (starting today).

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