Locked Down – Part 2

Locked Down – Part 1
May 12, 2020
Working Out Without Human Contact
May 14, 2020

Locked Down – Part 2

“I have everything I need, but I can’t bring any intensity to my workouts!  What gives???”

Here’s the answer during our pandemic:

Get on a SOCIAL platform!  It’s free and easily available to all.

Post your scores to the internet for the world to see you’ll definitely work harder.

If you hold yourself accountable by getting on a social leaderboard (our members scores all go there – but not enough of our members post their workouts on social for sure) you’re more likely to workout harder and smarter so you can be proud of your score.

Do it.

Nothing is more motivating than a stop watch and a white board.  All you need is a score that is from a repeatable workout (meaning you can duplicate it again and again).  Then it also has to be observable.  Meaning you let others see your results – “post to comments” or post something in social media.  No drill sergeant, motivational speaker, or any amount of willpower will get the same level of hard work and intensity that a stop watch and whiteboard will.  Even if you’ve scaled your workout – posting will still have the same psychological effect on your outcome.  Promise.

-Beyond The Box Coaches

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