Injuries During Pandemic

Working Out Without Human Contact
May 14, 2020

Injuries During Pandemic

Every day is the weekend now.  We’re seeing people get up later, stay up later, eat poorly, and train less.  This leads to more injuries.  If you’re worried that working out will leave you crippled due to all the volume – then I would ask you about the following things first before we tailor back your training volume.  

Is your…

…Nutrition crap?

…Are you drinking alcohol EVERY day?!

…Are you getting adequate sleep?

…Are you stretching, warming up, and cooling down properly?

…Have you lost connections with your friends/family (drop in dopamine levels)

Change these first before you consider you’re over training.  It’s likely one of these few things that will help alleviate your injuries.

-Beyond The Box Coaches

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