“Amor Fati” (a love of fate)

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February 23, 2018
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“Amor Fati” (a love of fate)

Love everything that happens…


Tough times are ahead, for sure.  No matter who you are or what you’ve done something will inevitably come that rocks your world, that messes up your routine, and possibly drives you mad.  You were probably doing nothing but minding your own business.  But still it came…


We’ve all had tough times that have come upon us that have made it hard to do something, the right thing, or even anything in some cases!  But, as always, in the end you had to accept what happened.  But I would like to challenge to something different that might change your prerogative…


Instead of accepting the new condition, why not try to enjoy what happened?  Instead of simply accepting, I urge you to LOVE what has happened; hence the perfect expression to capture the idea from Nietzsche: amor fati


“A love of fate” is not just accepting, but loving everything that happens.  Think of the peace you will find.  Think of the peace you will obtain at home, within your relationships, or even at the gym.  Instead of getting down on yourself because you didn’t do as well in a workout as you would have liked you will learn from the experience with a positive mindset about the workout.  And, work even harder to become better.  If your diet goes awry, you can learn what timeline of events occurred that led you to a brief lapse in willpower.  Then never do them again.

Accept, and then love what has happened.  To wish for what has happened to happen is a clever way to avoid disappointment because nothing is contrary to your desires.  But to actually feel gratitude for what happens?  To love it?  That’s a recipe for happiness and joy.


And, then again, there’s always tomorrow 🙂

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