3 Things To Do On Your Days Off From The Gym

March 4, 2020
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March 13, 2020

3 Things To Do On Your Days Off From The Gym

1.) Meal Prep – I was going to put this one at the end, but based on my experience this is the one that most people get wrong while it simalteaously has the biggest impact on our health/fitness.  There is no better recovery agent, gains provider, and health improver than eating healthy and consistently.  Why not use that extra hour you have from the gym today go and grill some lean chicken, pre-slice some delicious veggies, or prepare some tasty starches for your future meals!  You’ll gain muscle faster, burn fat faster, and not only recover from tough workouts easier, but also combat any disease more efficiently because of your healthy eating choices.  I’m just saying….

2.) Get outside!  – We are a disconnected culture with our ever evolving personal tech.  iPhones, laptops, Alexas, and giant screen TV’s, etc etc, and it’s only getting worse.  It’s time that we all get out of the house and into nature more.  Take a walk, go for a bike ride, visit the park, take a dip in a pool, lake, or ocean!  Try something new!  Have you every tried SUP (standup paddle boarding)? When is the last time you went for a hike, or tried bouldering, or even better yet hit the beach now that the weather is starting to improve. Bottom line is that your body craves the outdoors, the open air, and the suns rays to hit your skin. Plus all that natural air and environment improves your sleep quality. Give it a try.

3.) Therapy – If you’ve been hitting the gym hard for a few days in a row you’re body is probably craving some sports massage work, possibly stretching/mobility work, or even some yoga to reset itself and improve recovery. While it’s probably the last thing you want to go waste an hour on, it’s certainly shouldn’t be classified as time “wasted”. Myofascial release or focusing on your body’s flexibility, proprioceptive development, or mental health can really help improve your overall progress when it comes to recovery and health/fitness in general. Please don’t be afraid to try these new things and dig even further into different types of therapy to help your body recover. Everyone experiences different results with different therapies. So, to each their own!

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