Beyond The Box Blog

June 15, 2018

How To Train A Dragon

Who has watched “How to train your dragon”? Within that story, is one of the greatest lessons in life. All of your experiences leading up this […]
June 13, 2018

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We don’t sell gym memberships. We sell a path to becoming a better human being […]
June 8, 2018

7 No-No’s In A CrossFit Gym

Chances are, you’ve annoyed your coach at some point. Whether it’s in a CrossFit class or some other group program.  Every gym has its fair share […]
June 6, 2018

Turn Your “SHOULDs” Into “HAVE TOs”

Last year when Meg & I were planning out the details for our Beyond The Box grand opening I knew I was running behind on a […]
June 2, 2018

There Is A Champion Inside You

There’s a little cliché saying “If it were easy, everyone would do it” that bears some truth.CrossFit is no different. This stuff ain’t easy. You will […]
May 30, 2018

Finding Some ME Time

One of the biggest things I hear about reasons people leave our gym or do not join is “I don’t have time” or “I’m too busy.” […]