You’re A Product Of Your Training

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March 29, 2018
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April 6, 2018

You’re A Product Of Your Training

A body, mind, and spirit that isn’t in control of itself, that doesn’t understand its power to regulate itself, will be jerked around by external events and unquestioned impulses.


Body (nutrition/fitness)

Uncontrolled – Ok, let’s head out to get some fast food and have ice cream tonight.  Yum (and my body will pay for it later)

Controlled – My body really craves whole real foods that provide it nutrients.  Once it has enough the body is satiated and it won’t require any more until the next meal.  Lean meat, plenty of veggies, and some starch or fruit will help my body to go further.

  • The controlled body is able to withstand those cravings because of the discipline it has built up through habit of a good diet.

Mind (mental peace)

Uncontrolled – That guy just cut me off and didn’t signal into this lane.  I’m going to flip him off and drive aggressively behind his car to get back at him. (how childish does this sound when you see the text? But, I can imagine most of you have done it before.  I know I have)

Controlled – This guy just cut me off without signaling.  He must be in a rush, I hope he doesn’t cause an accident.  No need to take it personally, I’ve been there before and made mistakes while driving.

  • The controlled mind is able to behave in a zen-like manner when its been conditioned and in control.  Things that you have no control of don’t require you to worry or react to them.  Keep you mind focused on what it should be not on external events that carry no weight in your daily life.

Spirit (relationships)

Uncontrolled – Sally never texts me back.  What the heck?  I don’t need this, I’ll just ignore her too and talk crap about her to our friends behind her back.

Controlled – Sally hasn’t texted me back in a while.  I should call her or visit her at work if possible.  I wonder if she needs my help with anything.  I hope she’s ok.

  • The controlled spirit cherishes it’s relationship with the important people, places, and organizations whom it has invested time and love into.  When we’re uncontrolled with our spirit we can be quick to judgement of others and their general purpose when something doesn’t go how we’re used to.  Instead we should be asking ourselves what we can do to help.  Service to others provides that greatest sense of accomplishment for most of us.  Seize the opportunity to do so.

At Beyond The Box we focus on the body, mind, and spirit.  We want to help people help themselves by focusing on what’s important.  Being healthy and focusing on what is important to you will allow you to have more peace of mind.  We don’t just stop with exercise at Beyond The Box.  Our coaches are concerned about what food you’re putting in your body, and when called upon we will go “beyond” and help you with any personal/relationship issues you might have.  Being small and intimate is what allows us to do this.  We know that putting in place training and habits now will help replace ignorance and ill discipline.  Only then will our members behave and act differently.  Only then will we be able to stop seeking the impossible, the short-sighted, and the unnecessary.

We know all of our members names, their spouses & kids, their strength and weaknesses, and what makes them tick for the most part.  When they’re having a bad day we notice and we’re there to help, listen, and learn.  Does your big box gym do that?  If not, it might be time to give us a call.  We love to help, and want you to be the best version of yourself.

Set up a No Sweat Intro today and make a change.

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