Working Out While “Under the Weather”

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August 28, 2019
September 21, 2019

I found I was very “sniffily” last week but didn’t want to miss going to the gym. Have you ever been in this situation? You don’t want to get side-tracked due a cold but you feel like you can’t breathe without gasping for air or have to blow your nose every 5 minutes (this was me last week). So I asked Dave and did some research and here’s what the verdict is…

The Answer……. IT DEPENDS!

General Rule of Thumb is if the cold is “above your neck” aka congestion, sniffles, sneezing, runny eyes, something some Mucinex or Sudafed could alleviate, it is still ok to workout but with the suggestion to decrease the amount of cardio and high bpm activities. 

If your symptoms are “below your neck” aka fatigue, body aches, bronchitis, flu, nausea, stomach bug, significant cough, etc, best to rest this one out until you feel more up to speed.

If you have a fever, working out will raise your body temperature and cause undue stress when your normal temp is already elevated and can make you more sick. So stay at home and rest if this is the case.

Key point here is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Many times skipping a workout will make you feel worse, but if you’re feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and just completely out-of-it, take a day or a few off to recovery, also your fellow athletes will appreciate you not bringing your cooties into the gym while you’re at your worst. We know we have awesome coaches in the gym but we aren’t your doc! Visit your doctor if you are unsure of the severity of your cold/illness situation and for any specific questions and recommendations.

Fend off sickness in the first place by getting into the gym 3-4 times a week! Exercise is known to boost your immune system, energy levels, and mood. Staying hydrated and taking your vitamins will prevent this situation from happening or significantly shorten the duration of your cold when it happens, despite all of your healthy efforts. Eat healthy and nutritious foods that include fruits and veggies (nature’s vitamins). My mother’s doctor told her that one of the main reasons people get sick and suffer with illness is because they are dehydrated! #mindblown  

Let us know if we can help in any way and see you in the gym!


-Coach Kristen


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