Where do you “Live”?

July 21, 2019
July 28, 2019

What does your environment look like?

Consider the question that goes through a lot of people’s minds, hell, it has probably gone through your mind: what is the value of being part of a CrossFit gym? Some people think, “yes, I want to get into CrossFit, but I have to get in shape” or they ask “Why does it cost that much?” or the problem is that they’re just intimidated by the foreign training facility, or list out the 5-6 other common reasons to poo-poo the idea. The reason why I know the model at Beyond The Box, and all other CrossFit gyms models, works so well is the environment. You may not know it, but your environment dictates your actions and habits more then 99.99% of all the other stuff in your life. It’s the number 1 determining reason for developing or breaking down your habits.

If you’re on the fence, or all of what I just mentioned just doesn’t make sense to you consider the baker. If you’re trying to stop eating sweets, it’s going to be hard to stop if you’re working in a bakery every day! Will power will only get you so far. You will break down because eventually your environment will win. It has an infinite lifespan. Your willpower does not. It’s a bad environment to try and stop eating sweets. And, the same thing goes for drug addicts. If you want to stop taking drugs, the number 1 best thing you can do is stop hanging around your friends who do drugs. Seeing them regularly will not help you reach your goal of quitting drugs.

Now, consider a positive environment (a CrossFit gym is a great example of this). If the norm is to set goals, have strong work ethics, to look for virtuosity and do things uncommonly well, and if the norm is to eat right, train hard, encourage others, rest/recovery regularly, and actually reach your goals then you’re going to be so much more successful. Or at least the chances of it are so much higher. It’s just the result of your positive environment.

That is the incredible benefit of joining a CrossFit gym and making it your sanctuary. To diving head first into the most positive thing you can do for yourself. So again…. I ask you…

Where do YOU “live”?

-Coach Dave

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