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May 13, 2019
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May 16, 2019


So you have decided to compete in an event that is a bit uncomfortable, a stretch, and one that makes you a little nervous — GOOD!

There is so much benefit that comes from putting yourself in a challenging experience, especially one where there is low risk. Murph, Ironman’s, and similar big challenges create a goal with measurable targets which we, humans in general, excel at achieving. Let’s be honest, there are no limits to your capabilities, once you have selected a target – broken down the work to accomplish it, and then hit it religiously.

That said, we all won’t be able to become the best in the world — but maybe, just maybe, we’ll discover our potential.

You have trained for days, weeks, months, years, and now we have MURPH around the corner, so how do you crush it?

Week of MURPH

  • Eat the meal / foods you plan to eat on day / night of Murph (try out the same breakfast and see how it settles)

Day before MURPH

  • Meals should be low in ruffage, salt foods (not salty foods), eat clean (which you should be doing anyway)
  • Drink water and take a rest day — I’m serious
  • Clean foods = anything grilled or baked, preferably a fish or chicken.
  • Carbs = potatoes or rice would be ideal
  • Fat = avocado would be nice
  • Foods to generally avoid the day before = pizza, anything fried, anything processed, fast food, leafy vegetables, or spicy

Day of MURPH:

  • 2+ hours from event — Eat a familiar breakfast (or meal before you complete Murph). This breakfast should be a lot of carbs, some protein, and little fat.
  • 30 minutes before event — Carbs, more. Banana, Fuel for Fire, ProCarb, or your favorite easy to digest carbohydrate. Roughly 20–40g of carbs
  • Up to Murph — Sip water, make sure you have some electrolytes in your bottle if you are doing this in the heat AND you do not handle the heat well.
  • During Murph — Be smart, if you are feeling good .. go straight through and have fun. If you start forgetting what rep you are on, feeling low on energy, have a dry mouth → drink some water OR electrolytes (again if you’re in the heat) and maybe some more carbs in VERY small amounts only if necessary. Usually our body needs a refresher if it is very hot or some other stress exists in our body (try not to eat more than 250 calories during Murph)
  • Post MURPH — CONGRATS you did it! Now … to refuel and yes, more carbs and protein (no fat) immediately afterwards are on the plan, at least 25–40g of carbs
  • Post Post MURPH — 30 mins to 2 hours after Murph have a good meal. Mainly protein and carbs still, maybe some potatoes now vs the high fruit carbs we have been enjoying today.
  • 4+ hours MURPH — Back to normal and yes fat is on the menu. This is likely the last meal of the day, so be sure you are hitting your calorie needs for the day, and lets be sure we have fat back on the plate.

Often times I hear a lot of  – “I can’t eat before I workout, or I never eat before I workout.” TRUST ME – this is NOT the day to NOT eat beforehand. This will be the longest WOD you’ve done in the gym, and you need to fuel your body appropriately. If you need help planning your nutrition pre and post MURPH, please reach out to me!

Now have fun and let’s honor this hero!

“Fitness for Life”  
april carney – nutrition coach
beyond the box fitness


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