Weightlifting Tip Wednesday: Turkish Get-Up

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Weightlifting Tip Wednesday: Turkish Get-Up

This movement tests and advances the margins of our capacity to stand from the ground. With a kettlebell, dumbbell, or even barbell, and at bigger loads, the Turkish Get-Up becomes really interesting. Keeping your eyes on the load, moving slowly, and maintaining a straight arm are critical to the outcome and success to this lift.

Historically, the TGU was a staple exercise for old-time strongmen and wrestlers. It’s been said that in the days of old, this was the first and only exercise taught to many aspiring weightlifters to practice. Supposedly, no other exercises were taught or practiced until the pupil could perform the TGU with a 100-pound weight in either hand. At first, I thought this might have been just weightlifting folklore. However, I decided to make the 100-pound TGU a personal goal. After reaching this goal, I quickly realized the wisdom behind the methodology. First, it takes tenacity and commitment to conquer this feat of strength. Second, it slowly yet steadily builds a solid foundation of strength that nearly “injury proofs” the body, making it ready for more demanding training. Third, it significantly strengthens the major muscle groups, small stabilizing muscles, and connective tissues. 

-J. Martone

What most people lose sight of on this exercise is that any weight (even a water bottle) can be challenging especially if mobility is an issue. So start really light! Grab even a pencil and try and keep it maintained properly overhead as you execute this one and only build up in weight when you’re 100% proficient at your current level.

Here’s how to execute the lift:

  • Start laying down with your arm extended
  • Use leg on the same as the extended arm to push into a seated position
  • Free arm braces
  • Opposite leg moves backwards into a lunge position
  • Stand to full hip & leg extension
  • Weight remains overhead with shoulder pushing up
  • Reverse steps to return to starting position

Here is a great example of how to execute this movement from CrossFit directly.

A further look at the TGU’s…..

“The Turkish get-up is an outstanding exercise that develops strength, flexibility, and stability throughout the entire body. It has especially proven itself as an excellent prehabilitation and rehabilitation exercise for the shoulders. In addition, a mastered TGU will make all overhead exercises safer and easier.”

J. Martone

So get to it!

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