Turn Your “SHOULDs” Into “HAVE TOs”

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June 2, 2018
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June 8, 2018

Turn Your “SHOULDs” Into “HAVE TOs”

Last year when Meg & I were planning out the details for our Beyond The Box grand opening I knew I was running behind on a lot of tasks that were needed for the event.  We had to get some of our partners set up with the event, we needed some alcohol for everyone that was coming through, and we needed shirts for our first showing to our new members!  I knew that if I didn’t get to it sooner then later this event was going to come up and we wouldn’t have everything in place so we could make it really special.  I knew I should focus on them but I was dragging because it was uncomfortable tasks that I don’t do all the time.  I didn’t really want to do them – event planning is not really my strength.

So, mentally I turned the things I thought I “SHOULD” get done for the event into things I “HAVE TO” get done for the event.  And, quickly that made them priorities in my mind and forcing me to do them made me better at tasks involved with event planning.  I quickly got on the phone and planned out the event with Meg.  We hunkered down, planned it out, and made the calls/meetings we needed to make the event a success.  I believe that if we hadn’t changed our mindset about the planning of the event it might not have got done.

People know that they should exercise daily, that they should eat healthy, that they should get plenty of sleep at night.  But rarely do people find the focus/time and energy to do so.  Until you can change those “SHOULDS” into “HAVE TOS” they won’t ever get done regularly.  But when you do, those “HAVE TOS” become habit.  Those that can develop their habits turn those habits into streams of motivation.  They find the motivation to get done the things they know they “HAVE TO” get done.  Not because they enjoy those things, but because the results of getting our HAVE TOS done leads to things that are enjoyable.  I HAVE TO workout, eat right, and sleep well because when I do I lean out, feel great, look great, and perform better!   I HAVE TO wake up early, so I HAVE TO go to bed early because when I do I start my day earlier and get done more before anyone else wakes up!  When these things that are so vital to our existence become “HAVE TOS” we reap the benefits of doing the things that set us up for success.

Turn your “SHOULDS” into “HAVE TOS” folks, and create the best version of you; you may never know existed.

Need help figuring out how?  We can help…

-Coach Dave

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