The Whole30 Journey – Part 2

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August 13, 2019
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My Whole 30 Adventure… CONTINUES…

Hi ALL! I wanted to share with you my day-to-day experience doing Whole 30. I decided to do Whole 30 after Dave and April recommended it to me and I was fed up with eating “healthy” and putting work in the gym to see the scale and the mirror not changing. I had tried every diet out there (keto, macros, calorie counting, slim fast, intermittent fasting, etc).

We’ll be breaking up this journey into 2 parts. Today is Part 2 – so if you didn’t catch last week’s article on my Whole30 story go back and start here. Now, let’s continue the journey!

Day 18: June 21, Noticed a couple pimples on my chest and shoulders and face is still showing acne but got a compliment on my skin in the grocery store today, compliments are always appreciated.

Day 19: June 22. Didn’t cravvveeee sugar in my coffee today. Planning Whole30 approved snacks for tomorrow’s Beautycounter event. Didn’t eat at normal times today and wasn’t very hungry in the afternoon even after only having a Larabar for breakfast. My neighbor said it looks like I have lost weight #winning!

Day 20: June 23 Had my Beautycounter party and made two Whole30 dishes, really wanted a vanilla muffin that a guest brought for the party but resisted. I did feel very bloated though when I went to bed.

Day 21: June 24. Woke up feeling and looking slender but my right knee was really hurting, guess that’s a sign I’m getting older, also forgot to take my fish oil over the weekend so that could be it too. Was not very hungry for lunch at 11:30, had breakfast around 8:30/9am.

Day 22: June 25. Had some very vivid dreams and actually remembered them which rarely happens. Had an upset stomach this morning. Bought Nutpod almond and coconut coffee creamer from Amazon, pretty good alternative to just almond milk but super small containers.

Day 23: June 26. Stomach was upset again this morning. Looked in the mirror and very happy with how I’m looking, very trim especially in the stomach and back area. Got three compliments in the gym that they can see a difference in how I look.

Day 24: June 27 Got a headache around 2pm but hadn’t eaten lunch yet and did a two mile walk in the sun with minimal shade. Discovered that True Food kitchen has a paleo menu!! Been a challenge to find places that can accomodate this way of eating.

Day 25: June 28 Nothing to note.

Day 26: June 29. Got an offer from Crowley for the Assistant Port Engineer Position. Went out to celebrate with the roomie. Went to Outback Steakhouse and was able to order with no butter and oil on the veggies and steak and brought my own salad dressing (Tessamae’s) to the restaurant. So ready for a glass of wine.

Day 27: June 30. Made homemade salad dressing for the first time, was very easy and quite tasty, just got a packet of the mix from Lucky’s and used Avocado Oil, 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and 1 tbsp of red wine vinegar (recipe called for white wine vinegar which I didn’t have) and water. It was amazing and doesn’t have all the preservatives as store-bought dressing and probably much cheaper. I highly recommend trying this!

Day 28: July 1. Really noticing that my uniform pants are much looser in the wasteband. Did my BMI and weighed in (but didn’t look at the weight) down .5% body fat. Dave told April how much weight I’ve lost and she seemed very excited. 

Day 29: July 2. Noticed my face has significantly improved in terms of acne, still have some blemishes but not as much as normal. Noticed some break-outs on the front of my quads which is a strange spot in my opinion.

Day 30: July 3. I did it! I completed Whole30!  I Had three glasses of wine at my neighbor’s and felt fine in the evening. She made me some eggs with dill in the skillet for dinner because I hadn’t eaten yet, so good. The acne on my legs I think is from being in the grass from navy PT, who knew I have a grass allergy?

After completing my first 30 days, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. I attribute that to my “WHY.” I was tired of putting in work at the gym and not feeling healthier or looking leaner. I had an open pack of Spree in my truck the entire time I have been on Whole30 and have not once even wanted to reach for it. I’ve even enjoyed coffee with no sugar, but only a few times, I still want Stevia in my coffee. 

I plan to stick with a way of eating that is similar with Whole30 such as Paleo since I have enever seen results like this with any other way of eating. The best part is THERE”S NO TRACKING OR COUNTING OR WEIGHING OR MEASURING. I have a much better relationship now with food and I have learned to listen to my body like I never have before. I stop eating when I’m full, I can tell when I react to something I eat, when I feel sluggish or get headaches due to food. 

I am very grateful for Dave and April who encouraged me to go on this journey and again for April for all of the guidance, many answers, and support she gave throughout the process and even after the fact. If you want to learn more about Whole30, I encourage you to chat with April and go for it! It has changed my life (as it said in the initial claims) and best part is, it’s food that is good for you and promoting health. Get creative, try new recipies (Pinterest was my friend on this), listen to your body and it will take care of you!


-Coach Kristen

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