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August 20, 2019
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August 28, 2019

“How far have you guys come?”—the dude was running toward us alone on a hiking trail Meg and I were on last month in West Virginia.

“Maybe 25 minutes,” I said. 

He explained that he had hiked the trail with his kids, who were now too tired to come back. So his wife was taking them on a short route to another parking lot. 

But someone had to run more than 6 km uphill back to the vehicle in the original parking lot. 

That would be this Super Dad.

We wished him safe travels, and off he went. Just a fit dude taking care of business for his family. 

We appreciated Super Dad’s efforts even more as we got further along the trail. The park website lists the trail as black diamond difficult, but it’s really just very long. It’s not technical or steep. It’s just wide and flat..

After about an hour of swift walking on the trail we finally made it to our destination.

We took photos and selfies while avoiding being blown off the peak, and then it was back into the woods for the long trek back to the parking lot. After the steep hill it’s just 6 km of poison ivy, deep bush and berry-filled bear poop. 

As we walked, our respect for Super Dad increased. The route back was indeed slightly uphill, and it was a long grind. When we got back to the parking lot, we were worn out. All in, the route had taken 3 hours, and our phones said we had covered 13 km.

The point of all this: Super Dad had the fitness to take care of his family. 

He probably doesn’t need it all that often when he’s hanging around a city filled with escalators, vehicles and so on. 

But you don’t need a pipe wrench until you really do. And then it’s absolutely essential.

Same deal with fitness.

We don’t work out so we can run 6 km to save the day for tired kids. Most of us work out to stay healthy, to blow off stress and to have fun with friends. 

But if Meg and I have learned one thing in 10 years in the fitness industry, it’s this:

Whenever there’s a problem in the real world, people who work out thrive. 

Knowing that gives you a sense of confidence that permeates your life. You feel confident and powerful. Able. Ready. 

I hope Super Dad felt like a hero when he drove into the lot to pick up his tired family, and I wish I could have been there to high-five him. 

But I get to high-five super dads and super moms all the time at the gym. Maybe they haven’t always run 6 km to rescue their families, but they could. Without doubt. 

Everyone in our gym is capable of great things, and I love knowing our members are out there in the world dominating challenges, overcoming obstacles and helping people who need assistance. 

You’re all super heroes, and we hope you feel like it every time you finish a workout with us.

And when you use fitness to win at life, we want to know about it. Tell us your stories!

If you’d like to be a super hero, too, click here to talk to us about how you can build strength and confidence to overcome any challenge. 

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