Some Things Are Really Hard to Do on Your Own

September 21, 2019
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October 8, 2019
By: Mike Warkentin

Ever tried to move a relatively light but awkward object?

The other day, I tried to move a piece of plywood. It weighed about 48 lb.—very manageable. I regularly lift way more than that in daily life, and I train with much more than that in the gym.

The problem was that the sheet of plywood was 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide, and I had to take it around a corner and up some stairs.

I can be stubborn at times, and I usually don’t like asking for help. For most of my life, I’ve just tried to do things myself. And I usually succeed because I’m stubborn and will just keep going until the job is done.

But as I’ve matured, I’ve realized I have something that’s worth far more than my determination: My time.

Nothing Is Worth More Than Time

Time is my most precious resource.

If I came across a genie in a bottle and got a wish, I’d ask for more time. More time to work, more time to play, more time with my family. Just more time. Time is so valuable to me that I wish I didn’t have to sleep. And I regularly wish days were 30 hours.

Now, when I’m confronted with a problem, I ask myself how much time it will take to solve it. And then I ask myself if it’s worth my time. Then I make the decision that saves the most time.

For example: Fishing a broken key out of a lock. I now know from experience that it’s cheaper and faster to call a locksmith than to try and deal with it myself. Way cheaper.

Another example: Back when we started this gym, we didn’t know how to run a business. We learned a lot on rare occasions when we bumped into other gym owners and discovered they had dealt with the same problems. They were only too happy to offer solutions—solutions that saved us time!

Eventually, we started working with a business mentor. All of a sudden, we were presented with all kinds of answers and resources and solutions. Instead of ramming my head against the broken door until it finally opened, I had a key!

When I started asking for help more often, I saved incredible amounts of time.

I felt like I was living a 30-hour day because I wasn’t wasting time struggling with things alone.

On Saturdays we always team up to share the work and fun!

Get Help!

When I was confronted with the plywood problem, I didn’t try to muscle through it. Instead, I asked a friend for help. With a partner, it took 45 seconds to move the wood. It was easy. And I got more work done in the time I had left.

Plywood is just a “two-person lift”—at least if you want to get the job done quickly.

Fitness is a lot like that—a two-person lift.

You could definitely learn how to lose weight, get stronger or tone up. You could buy some books, take some courses, make a plan and start training.

But doing that will be a lot of work, and many people who start on that plan quit before they accomplish their goals. We hear about it all the time. That’s why so many people leave gyms: They don’t know what to do when they get there, they don’t get any results, and they stop going.

We exist to save you time and help you accomplish health and fitness goals faster. We are going to help you move the plywood.

What Are Your Goals?

You have something you want to accomplish with regard to health or fitness. But that goal might be a lot like moving my piece of plywood: a time-consuming and frustrating task. Maybe even frustrating enough to make you abandon the goal.

Don’t do that!

Ask for help with this two-person lift.

We can help you get stronger or faster. We can help you lose weight or body fat. We can help you score more goals or play better. We can help you play with your grandkids for longer or lower the numbers your doctor wants lowered.

If you have some fitness goal but it’s buried under fear, trepidation and confusion, you owe it to yourself to ask an expert who can show you the path. With someone to help you, things will seem much easier, and everything will move faster.

I know because plywood is really hard to move alone and really easy to move with a partner.

Same deal with fitness. But we have partners for you. You can talk to one by clicking here.

Mike Warkentin is the founder of 204 and the co-founder of Two-Brain Media.

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