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October 17, 2019
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December 4, 2019

By Coach Kristen Curtis

A great alternative to running and a common cardio task in Crossfit is Rowing. ​Indoor rowing improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength by engaging all major muscle groups simultaneously. Not only will a rigorous workout on an indoor rowing ergometer burn fat and combust serious calories, it will challenge you no matter what level of fitness you are. Continue reading for an in-depth breakdown of correct rowing form.

The 4 Stages of the Indoor Rower

The Catch (Start): Start out sitting on the rower, adjust the feet pads to your feet, and tighten down the foot straps. Set your screen to the workout type you’re working on (for calories/meters/time). Sit up tall with your arms straight, head neutral, shoulders level and not hunched. Lean forward slightly from the hips and your shoulders should be slightly in front of the hips (think 1 o’clock position). Shins are vertical and shouldn’t move past parallel. Heels may lift but ultimately they should not come off the foot pad much if at all.

The Drive: The drive is the hard work portion of the stroke. Start by pressing through your feet and legs, continue your extension to full extension of the legs, before starting the pull. Hands move in a straight line while shoulders and elbows stay low and relaxed.

The Finish: Upper body finishes upright and slightly behind your hips (think 11 oclock position), Legs are fully extended and handle is about at your ribs, wrists flat and shoulders low and relaxed.

The Recovery: Extend your arms to fully straightened before leaning from the ships slightly forward. Once your hands have gone past your knees, at this point you can bend your knees to continue the seat to move forward towards the flywheel.The return to the Catch position and repeat.

6 Common Mistakes:

-Not adjusting the damper setting (Resistance adjuster on the right of the flywheel) -Rowing with just your arms
-Mixing up the order of the stroke
-Hunching over, abs not tight/engaged

-Hitting your heels with your booty,
-Sending your butt back first then having to explode your torso back to catch up


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