My Experience Without Protein!

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July 27, 2018
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August 10, 2018

My Experience Without Protein!

There were been a few times last week that I was just too busy to scarf down any protein post workout.  I had the necessary ingredients: protein, coconut water, and a shaker bottle, but I just got caught up with some members or my kids and some tasks or chores that I needed to get done and subsequently lost track of my protein intake.

I’m not known for doing this.  I am typically really good about post-workout protein.  And, boy do I regret it.

The days after missing that protein window post workout (30-45mins) I was sluggish, tired, and SORE!

I am not typically sore.  Having done this regular exercising thing for years now, it surprised me how uncool it was to be that sore.

It’s definitely true that I don’t workout as frequently as my old competitive CrossFit days – I’m a father, a husband, and a business owner now.  So, my priorities have realigned and 1 workout a day 4-5 times a week is a full training cycle for me.  But, I didn’t think missing a protein shake once or twice after class would have as much of a negative effect on me.

So, this is my warning to all of you who aren’t already taking protein after your workouts.  You might think that normal soreness you feel is unavoidable.  I say to you, try taking protein in a shaker bottle for a week after your workouts and see how you feel.  Even if you hate the taste, just try choking it down and then see how you feel by the weekend.  Evaluate how sore you feel as compared to past weeks without that protein.  Borrow a friends protein if you need to.  Hell, I’ll let you try some of mine!  I promise you’ll notice a difference – and it will probably make your life easier too.

Most studies state that you should be getting your post-workout protein infusion between zero and 30 mins after a hard workout.  Also, you’ll want to focus on a protein isolate so that the protein is absorbed quickly into your muscles.  In contrast, casein protein is absorbed over the course of many hours (~7 hours).  Use casein protein if you need to absorb the benefits of the protein slowly maybe over the course of your sleep or first thing in the morning in preparation of the day (not immediately after a workout)

If you’re unsure of what kind of protein to buy I highly recommend using a website like  Many of the individuals who I’ve trained over the years know that I recommend this site for their unbiased, scientific, and easy to understand ranking system.  No matter what supplement your looking for, labdoor will help you make a decision.  And no, I am not a part owner in this company, nor am I an employee.  I just really like and benefit from their service.  If you would prefer a coach/trainer to make recommendation for you then let me know.

Have a question about protein?  Post it below in the comments and I would love to answer it for you!  Have a great day.

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