How Healthy Is Your “Digital-Self”?

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July 23, 2018
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How Healthy Is Your “Digital-Self”?

There’s never been a more important time to get in shape!  Find a fitness/nutrition program that you can maintain and be motivated by.

Why now?  Technology is being implemented within the insurance industry to help obtain data on you about your daily habits.  Insurance agencies have gathered the resources and technology to cherry-pick the lowest cost individuals to insure.  Who are they now considering high-cost individuals?  There are a multitude of factors, but some data they can now see tells them information about your buying habits online or how much binge-watching you do on Netflix.  Did you purchase a plus-sized dress from Amazon?  Well, data-brokers will have the information and insurance companies will see that and determine you’re more likely to fall victim to depression.   Then they’ll raise your rates or possibly deny your insurance all together.

Since all that digital information is public domain and stored on the internet insurance companies are now using that information (with or without your knowledge) to study habits and trends to determine a health score.  Ultimately meaning your premiums are going to to be higher if your digital-self looks less healthy then someone who spends more time working out regularly, eating healthy, and not sitting on the couch for 6 hours a day.

One article from NPR stated: “Insurers contend that they use the information to spot health issues in their clients — and flag them so they get services they need. And companies like LexisNexis say the data shouldn’t be used to set prices. But as a research scientist from one company told me: “I can’t say it hasn’t happened.””

Protect yourself now.  Now is the time to get in shape.  We don’t know what digital advancements will come along in the future that might cost us.  So, saving money on medical costs for the future and reducing insurance costs in the present – you are more pressed then ever to get fit, stay healthy, and live long.  Thats why our motto always has been and always will be “FITNESS FOR LIFE

Want to learn more?  Then let’s get started on your journey…

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