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July 30, 2019
August 4, 2019

Have you just started CrossFit or been doing it for a while and wondering what you may want to pick up next to continue progressing?  Here are a few items that our members like to stock in their gym bags:

 1.) Jump Rope (Speed): This is a skill that eludes many of us! When your finally getting the hang of it having your own rope will make the world of difference with consistency! ~ Not sure what to get or which is right for you; talk to a coach!

2.) Wrist Wraps: So your getting stronger, working out more and feeling like you want a little more support with your overhead lifts.  These are a go to accessory for many CrossFitters

3.) Knee Sleeves or Wraps: Lunges, burpees, squats oh my!  Knee sleeves can provide more support and remove a mental barrier to help with continued progress.  Ask a friend or coach about when & how they use them!

4.) Shoes! Nothing is more consistent or used in the gym than Metcons & Olympic lifters.  The typical CrossFit appropriate shoe provides more support for various functional movements.  You use running shoes to run so dress appropriately for the occasion!

5.) Weight Belts: You’ve seen ’em with sparkles, donuts or various other forms of personalization.  These great accessories provide much needed midline support when getting to those heavier lifts.  We want to build our core though so your coach will encourage you to only use them when needed and focus on the technique of bracing your midline!

Questions! Talk to a coach before or after class!

-Coach Dave

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