Facing Adversity

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November 12, 2018
November 21, 2018

Facing Adversity

How do you face challenges/obstacles in life?

Not everything in life is going to go as planned.  You will stumble, you will trip, and you will fail.  But how do you deal with the results of your difficulties?

It doesn’t always have to be physical or sport related, but when you’re injured or facing injuries most people fall into a state of depression and regress.

No matter what adversity you face, you can still make huge leaps and bounds in your performance, not despite your adversity, but because of it.

Consider games level athlete Brent Fikowski as an example.  Brent missed qualifying for the CrossFit games 2 years in a row.  By fractions of a point.  He made it to the regional level each time, but was unable to obtain a qualifying spot to the finals/CrossFit Games. But, in this past year Brent dominated the regionals (1st place, and never left that top spot all weekend) and finally made it to the games where he performed amazingly well – finishing on the podium (2nd place) at the CrossFit Games in his rookie year at the Games in 2017 (he got 4th there this year).  When asked what the game changer was for him he replied that he got hurt.  A labrum hip problem forced him to stay away from squatting, jumping, and running among other things.  So, he did what great athletes do.  He went back to the drawing board and worked on his weaknesses.  He had always had major trouble with handstand push-ups, so since he could not go below parallel in a squat he worked on a lot of raw strength exercises over that year of injury and improved his overall performance.  Doing that rocketed him to 1st place at the regionals and 2nd place at the CrossFit games.

Not illustrative enough?  Don’t understand how competitive CrossFit works?  Then let’s take Tom Brady.  Darling quarterback for the New England Patriots.  He was picked in the 6th round (pick # 199) in the NFL draft.   Afterwards he went right up to Robert Kraft (owner of the Patriots) and introduced himself.  Robert said, hi Tom – I know who you are.  You’re our 6th round draft pick.  Tom replied with, yes, that’s right, and I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.  The rest is history – the Patriots are an impressively dominate team led now by Tom as their starting QB.

Had these guys not had these tragic events happen to them they would not have succeeded on the levels that they have.  It’s in the face of adversity, that we can have our greatest triumph.  So, don’t despair if you’ve experience a set back.  Come up with a plan of attack and rebuild yourself bigger and better than you were before!

Oh, and we can help with that.  Let’s talk.

-Coach Dave

P.S.  Curious about the girl in the picture above doing box jumps with a broken leg?  Then message me or ask me in class about her.  Jenny is another amazing athlete who faced adversity and overcame it!

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