Double Unders

June 16, 2019
June 19, 2019

Hi guys! So let’s talk about double unders especially with our jump rope challenge this week.

Jumping rope is an incredible condition tool and can be done by beginners and elite athletes. Double unders are a very difficult movement and generally take a while to master. They involve cardio endurance, hand-eye coordination, core strength, and agility. The movement is where you jump up once and the rope passes underneath you two times.

Here’s where to start:

1) Get a quality rope that is yours and yours alone. 

You wouldn’t wear someone else’s shoes that are the wrong size to work out in so why would you use someone else’s rope. An average rope is between $30-$50. I personally love my Elite Jump Rope and I have tried numerous other ones in the market. The bearing and handles play a big part, the better quality bearings the better rotation and speed you will get. You want the rope to be light to medium thickness/weight so you can feel it but should be along the lines of a speed rope. To size, step on your new rope with one foot and pull the handles up. The handles should come up to the base of the underarm. Use your rope each and every time you practice singles and doubles. It will become an extension on you.

2) Master single unders. 

You should be able to do a significant amount of unbroken singles before working up to doubles. Practice jump rope drills such as one leg singles, then the other side, then alternating, even going backwards, and super spicy drills to jump rope while moving forward or backward. Focus on keeping your arms down at your sides and slightly in front of your body. Tendency is, especially when you get tired, is to raise your arms up and out which will in turn shorten the rope.

3) Move onto power jumps. 

This is where you slow down the speed of your jump while jumping a little higher than you would for a normal single under. Ensure you aren’t kicking your feet behind you just to get that added height. You can practice this with no rope. Then try adding in the Double Taps where you tap your thighs with your hands twice while you are airborne. This will help you get the rhythm.

4) Double under progression.

Once you have the slower timing and slightly higher jump, go for a single-single-double progression. Remember not to kick up your feet towards the rear aka donkey kicking, this is a common thing I see happen once the athlete goes for that first double. The opposite, try not to pike (think of a hollow hold in the air). The movement is more in the wrist than swinging the arms around in a giant circle. Think of this, there’s a bee/spider/bug of choice on your hand and you quickly shake it off. It’s a quick wrist flick. Put that all together and BAM! You got your first double under! Now work for single-double-single-double progression. Keep working this progression until it feels comfortable and natural.

5) Unbroken Doubles. 

That’s the goal and you now have the foundation to knock them out. Now that doesn’t mean go for 50 in a row, make a goal that’s reasonable, that could be just a few in a row. I remember I couldn’t get them even though I had been practicing and practicing, then one time BAMMM I did 12 in a row! Once you can string a few together, keep raising the bar and going for a larger number of unbroken doubles in a row. 

Good luck this week for the Jump Rope Challenge and let us know if we can help you get your first double or even a triple this week! Mahalo!

By: Kristen Curtis

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