CrossFit 101: Why Gymnastics?

November 24, 2018
Achieving Work + Life Balance
December 14, 2018

CrossFit 101: Why Gymnastics?

Our monthly “CrossFit 101 blog” from our very own CFL1 Coach Jonathan; teaching us the basics of CrossFit and the benefits of focusing on GPP (general physical preparedness) with a goal to teaching you how to improve your strength, gymnastics, and engine all at the same time. Life does not have an “off-season”, and neither do we.  Fitness For Life.

In CrossFit, body weight movements are considered gymnastics (e.g., air squats, burpees, pull ups, etc.) So what’s the purpose of learning to do kipping pullups, pistol squats, or even ring muscle ups? All of these movements and many more that we do in our classes are part of the gymnastic realm. Gymnastics as a training tool relies on the body’s own weight as the sole source of resistance. This helps to improve a persons strength to weight ratio without ever needing to lift a weight! Along with just improving your strength, gymnastics also improves coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy, which are four very important components of fitness. It’s no surprise why we do so many burpees in class! So after reading this, go outside, do 100 burpees for time, and get your gymnastics on!

By Coach Jonathan

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