Controlling The Clock

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March 30, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Controlling The Clock

These days I feel like most of what I do is manage time and watch the clock constantly.  It’s as a result from my anxiety of course.  Being a father, a husband, and a business owner has put me in positions where, if I let it, my anxiety will govern all that I do.

Most things are out of our control that we worry about though.  The anxious father is worried about his children – so what does he want?  A world that is always safe.  Can he do anything about “child-proofing” the world?  No

We find ourselves anxious over a whole mess of things that we have no control over.  We must ask ourselves on a daily basis, Why are my insides twisted into knots?  Am I in control here or is my anxiety in control?  And most importantly: Is my anxiety doing me any good?

When we let our anxiety control our thoughts it only leads to making our life that much harder.  If your physical fitness and health is giving you anxiety you do have a choice to change things.  But it starts today.  Not next Monday when the week is fresh.  What can you do today that can help make an improvement?  Drink more water, go for a walk, eat an apple instead of a donut.  These small choices tend to have a “snowball” effect.  Those choices turn into good habits and the anxiety begins to dissipate.  Turn that anxiety into action and let peace of mind settle in.  We all deserve that.

Getting worked up, getting excited, nervously pacing – these intense, pained, and anxious moments show us at our most futile states.  Sacrificing your peace of mind does no one any good, especially your own.  Let what comes pass, and instead of getting anxious set in motion the correct changes you CAN make to your life to see the results you want.

You can do it – we can help – we’re passionate about it.

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