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August 22, 2018
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As we get older consistency seems to be the key to most of our problems especially when it comes to our health.

If you have kids you know that keeping them consistent means you have to regularly keep on them about their chores, their attitudes, and their homework.  Similarly, if you aren’t consistently focused on your health (fitness/nutrition/sleep) then cracks develop in the foundation and you’re more likely to slip up in one way or another.

Let me give you an example…

Our members just completed a workout called “Fran” yesterday.  It is generally performed with a barbell and a pull-up bar.  The work is performed as fast as you can complete all of it.  First, the athlete will complete 21 Thrusters (think squat with the bar on your shoulder and as you rise out o the squat press the barbell overhead), then complete 21 pull-ups.  After that the athlete will go back to the barbell and perform 15 thrusters followed by 15 pull-ups and finally finishing with a set of 9 of both movements.  This workout can generally last anywhere between 4mins to 10mins on average.
We have one member in particular who’s been living this consistency model and it shows in her performance over time of “Fran”.  Last August she first joined Beyond The Box and one of her first workouts just happened to be “Fran”.  She performed the workout with a PVC pipe instead of a barbell and completed the pull-ups by doing ring rows with a set of rings.  Over the next 365 days she practice her craft: she worked out consistently starting with 3 days a week and then eventually going to 4 or even 5 classes a week.  She changed her diet – cut out sugar and cut back on alcohol.  She joined our Barbell Club and began learning more about how to move heavy weight with better technique while gaining strength.  And yesterday she performed that same workout, “Fran”, with a 45lbs bar she did jumping pull-ups and finished faster then she had a year ago.  She surprised herself and the other athletes in our gym with her performance!

But, should she have been surprised?  Probably just a little since that’s really awesome…, but with all the hard work she put in it’s no wonder she’s improved.  Hard work does in fact pay off, and with the right mind-set and CONSISTENCY anything can be accomplished.

Congrats to you Jessica!  Keep up the consistent hard work 🙂

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