Working Out While “Under the Weather”
September 10, 2019
Some Things Are Really Hard to Do on Your Own
September 25, 2019

I, the coach, could tell something was off…

…right when he walked through the doors. He usually had a pep in his step and a, no hesitation, “hello David” when he walked through the door for class.

I asked him, “What’s up Josh*!?”, and no one was there yet, so I threw in a, “Everything alright?”

I won’t go into the details but he told me about how he had a dying family member and the circumstances around it. I sensed he couldn’t wait to share what had been on his mind all day. But, the point of THIS story is that he finished HIS story with a final closing explanation and said, “Oh, and I am definitely here to ‘BRAIN: OFF‘ for the next hour!” he said the funny part in a very robotic voice, and then added more seriously, “This will be good for me.”

I just stood there and smiled and said, “We got you man.”

I know he walked out of BTB that day having done the best thing and only thing he had control over – himself! And, if nothing else, he was able to get the stress of this major life event, and the hussle and bussle of his day lifted from his shoulders. Even if it was but just for an hour.

This made me, as his coach and friend, very happy – that he had figured out the stress release valve for his life. And, any time he needed to give that knob a turn he just had to come to class at Beyond The Box. But, how did I know all this? Because he was probably the 4th member that month that came to BTB for the same need to shut their brains off for an hour. To destress!

That’s what really gets me pumped up – not just as a coach but obviously as a business owner too. We’re doing one of the missions we set out originally to strive towards with Beyond The Box Fitness. And that is helping serve our clients in so many ways BEYOND what one would expect out of a gym…

And, hence the true meaning behind our name.


-Dave Russo

*Names of individuals in this story were changed to protect their identities.
There’s no Josh in our gym. We’d love to have one. Special offer if your name is Josh and you’re looking to make a transformation and you were diligent enough to read this far!

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