Being Overweight, But still Working Out

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Starting a new workout routine when you’re overweight can be hard, especially if you haven’t been active for a while. Focusing on the benefits of exercise can help motivate you to get started and keep going. Of course, always talk with your doctor before you start any exercise program.

There is a common misconception that if you’re overweight that you should NOT start any high intensity fitness program. I’m here to tell you that’s not true! Every fitness program is intense.

The question really is how intense? Intensity is relative to the individual. An overweight individual can’t start at the same intensity levels as elite athlete, but they do need to start. They will usually need to reduce volume of reps/sets and be sure to add in plenty of rest periods at first. But the more consistent they are, and the more weight that comes off, that individual will be able to add more into their sessions and take less rest between sets.

They real key is having an experienced trainer who knows what is right for you. They should be a champion of your goals and help you one step at a time. It’s never easy to reduce your body weight, but with time, hard work, and relative intensities in your training, any overweight individual will see results.

Plus nutrition. Always nutrition. Eating healthy and at a caloric deficit will help that individual get back to their ideal weight. 😊

Reach out and let us help you if you find yourself needing the help.

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