Be Good Now, While It Still Matters

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April 11, 2018
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April 18, 2018

Be Good Now, While It Still Matters

Ever think about the great things you plan to do in the future.  How you’re going to make lots of money, be famous, or achieve that great achievement that few or no one has ever achieved?  Everyone will always think of you and how great you WERE?

Maybe you’ve thought about running marathon, or deadlifting 500 pounds, or possibly getting your first muscle up.  These are great goals to have  to further your fitness achievements.  They will push you to your limits – but thinking about them without action is the same as pondering your own legacy.  They’re only dreams without a path to realization.

No one truly enjoys their own legacy anyways – by definition.  And, by definition, you’ll be dead.  So instead of considering the opinions of future people on what you did or did not do – focus every bit of yourself on being the best person you can be in the present moment.  On doing the right thing, right now for you.  Make a plan to take action and execute that plan so that it helps you to live your legacy rather then JUST being remembered for it (good or bad).

The distant future is irrelevant.  Be good and noble and impressive now – while it still matters.  You can do it!

Not sure how to make that plan?  Call us, we can help.

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