Arms weak? You’re not alone!

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October 12, 2018
It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do…
October 24, 2018

Arms weak? You’re not alone!

Just about everyday someone tells me they wish their arms were stronger.  That they’re arms are just sooo weak!

They think their legs are pretty strong, and unlike most people their arms are just not as strong as they should be.

Guess what, that’s what everyone thinks!  And guess what else, it’s kind of true!

When compared to your legs; their stamina, strength, and power, your arms are way weaker than your legs.

It’s why most people can deadlift at least their own bodyweight, but they can barely press 1/4 of their body weight.

This is normal, and we as coaches hear this all the time.

But, I get it.  You want stronger arms/shoulders.  We all do!  If you improve that shoulder strength you’ll be able to do more pull-ups, more presses, and more push-ups more easily.  But if you think about it, we use our arms/hands quite a bit.  We’re conditioned to use them more frequently for tasks then we do our legs.  We use our arms for specific tasks like reading, using our electronic devices, feeding ourselves and opening doors.  But don’t forget that your legs have to be strong and stronger then your arms.  They’re carrying your entire body weight every day.  They get you up stairs, over objects, and they’re connected to your core way more then you think.  So your balance, stability, and coordination is connected to your legs supremely so.

So, don’t be disappointed in the perceived weakness you have in your arms.  So does everyone else.  If you want to improve them, then you need to plan of attack.

I challenge you to think differently about your arm’s strength.  Think about what you would like to be able to accomplish with you arms specifically.  Once you have that in mind (or if you need help with that we’d be happy to formulate a plan with you), come in, sit with one of our coaches and let’s develop a plan to help you tackle those arm goals!  Sooner then later you’ll be doing handstand pushups, heavy shoulder presses, and maybe you’ll even walk on your hands one day!

Let’s do it together – #FitnessForLife

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