6-Pack Abs In Three Steps!

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December 18, 2019
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December 28, 2019

Ok here we go! Maybe the holy-grail in fitness mysteries! The answer isn’t what you think. Here are the 3 best ways towards acquiring those six-pack abs!

  1. Cut out the sweets!: Here we go with nutrition again. Are you sensing a trend? That’s right, regularly eating sweets, and eating in a caloric surplus will not get you that 6-pack you’re looking for. Your focus cannot include candy, pastries, alcohol, and you should probably limit your starchy carbs. If you’re looking to get those abs fast remember the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”, because it is totally true. You can’t just do a thousand sit-ups to get those abs. It requires good nutritional habits. Speaking of sit-ups…
  2. Don’t just do 999999 sit-ups: Did you know that you can get shredded abs from a squatting program? It’s true. When you’re doing a squat strengthening program you’ll have to engage your core/abs to brace against the weight as you move it. The point is, there are plenty of other movements that will get you abs fast and sit-ups really isn’t the most effective one. Have you heard medicine ball sit-ups or my favorite: v-ups? How about roll-outs? Russian twists are fun! Try some hollow rocks or hollow holds. If you do CrossFit I’m sure you’ve heard of toe-2-bars or even hanging knee tucks. Any weight lifting exercise (the heavier the better) that requires you to really focus and brace your core will lead to getting those abs faster. Lastly, there are a million different types of planks you can do. Try these for those sexy obliques! Sit-ups just really aren’t the answer – you’ll need to mix it up.
  3. High Intensity Interval Work: Instead of doing moderate paced conditioning work – like running a couple of miles, or using the elliptical for 20mins – start thinking about doing some higher intensity work coupled with some core exercises. Try this: Sprint 200 meters, then perform 20 V-Ups, followed by 90 secs of rest. Repeat that cycle for 4-6 rounds to get some serious work on those abs!

Follow all of this and you’ll start to see those abs busting through and in no time you’ll have your very own 6-pack.

The key to getting so awesome six pack abs is to be sure to focus on your diet, while incorporating compound exercises and intelligently designed cardio workouts into your routine. That is the long lost secret towards your six pack quest!

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